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When organizations partner with BRDG, they gain a partner who has the capacity and experience to completely own their customer acquisition strategy across multiple channels. Below are a selection of brands and organizations that trusted us with their growth initiatives.

Featured Case Study

Big Green IT

For a company that can support several cloud services needs, it became immediately apparent that the growth strategy needed to provide real value to prospects who were either looking to purchase Microsoft 365 (cloud-based Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) or take their entire business, or parts of it, to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The needs and interests were widespread so our team created conversion paths for three different target audiences.


Coin Cloud

Coin Cloud, the largest cryptocurrency ATM network in the nation, partnered with us to implement a growth strategy utilizing organic methods, exclusively. As the cryptocurrency space is still considered a “gray market,” the challenge was expanding the company without implementing paid media strategies.


NOON Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an impressive concept. Question is: How do you really get a sense of what VR feels like without actually putting a headset on and experiencing it? NOON VR, a South Korea-based virtual reality brand, partnered with us to crack the code.


Hawke Media

We partnered with Hawke Media, one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the United States, to offer content creation and social media strategic support for several of their clients. As the firm grew, we worked with them hand-in-hand to deliver assets and develop a cohesive story and allowed them to scale without sacrificing production.


Advanced Athletics

Advanced Athletics is a Venice, California-based strength and mobility training platform we partnered with to organically boost their Instagram audience and engagement, generate leads for their products, and source newsletter subscribers via Facebook ads.

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