Marketing Automation

Streamline Your Workflows & Supercharge Your Processes

Automate Your Marketing & Sales

Save valuable resources by automating repetitive tasks and processes to allow yourself the mental space to focus on what matters most: Growing your business.

Improve Turnaround Times

Update your internal infrastructure to drastically improve turnaround times using cutting-edge marketing automation tools, workflows and CRM systems.

Manage Expectations

Learn from your data to work smarter, make better decisions, and implement breakthrough processes while carefully facilitating user adoption.

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Automate Marketing, Sales & Customer Support Workflows.

Keep moving forward. Leverage our strategic capabilities to anticipate and solve operational and growth problems as they emerge.

No more deadlines getting lost in translation.

No more wasting time due to poor prioritization.

No more pointless micromanagement.

Optimize Your Processes to Match Your Specific Business Style.

We will develop a deep understanding of your business needs and recommend best practices custom-tailored to benefit your business processes.

Get ahead with top-notch prioritization.

Manage recurring or ongoing tasks and one-off projects.

Upgrade your automation systems with better fundamental logic.


"BRDG has been been a true pleasure to work with. They pay close attention to detail, have a great vision for the future, and communicate effectively."

"We've really enjoyed working with you guys—great communicators and extremely organized."

"Your content deserves awards."

Cover All Marketing Automations Hotspots

Optimize Lead Generation

Sales Pipeline Marketing

Customer Marketing

Customize the ways you communicate with, capture, and nurture your leads for each product and service you provide. Own your top-of-funnel game by segmenting your audience and meeting each particular customer with custom assets made for whatever step of the buyer’s journey they’re in.

Measure contact engagement to automatically move prospects through your sales pipeline and set up activity alerts to help your team identify the next step. The goal is to ensure that each of your sales pipeline contacts are nurtured appropriately.

Whether through deliberate consideration or automated processes, advanced contact management within your marketing automation platform empowers your team to push meaningful upsells and additional services to customers. It highlights opportunities to increase revenue and drive repeat purchases.

Game-Changing CRM Systems

Select & Implement a CRM That Suits Your Business Needs

Failing to choose or implement the right CRM system can turn out to be an expensive mistake. Ensure that your system is implemented in a customized and cost-efficient way, that offers all of the features and support you need.

A Potential Scope of Work

  • CRM Review & Selection
  • Project Management Platform Selection & Training
  • Vendor Contracting & Software Licencing
  • CRM System Customization
  • General Training & Integration Support
  • Data Migration

Ongoing CRM Supervision & Maintenance

Leverage your new CRM to ensure your team is following a detailed communications strategy that will help to keep all participants informed of their responsibilities and upcoming steps within their processes.


Keep track of meeting dates for all participants, as well as major project milestone dates, including the final launch of the CRM system.

Work Plan

Develop a game plan by considering timeline and costs as well as the basic obligations of both the vendor and the organization.

Budget Spreadsheet

Obtain extensive insights into vendor costs, software fees, and other costs per month during the implementation procedure.

Task Lists

A list of tasks for staff to complete, such as CRM functionality reviews, reports-based decision making, testing, and more.

Start Your CRM Upgrade Today

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Customer & Lead Segmentation

Driving traffic to your website and capturing leads is a major part of the game. The deciding factor is the way you leverage those leads. Segmentation plays the lead role here. Segmenting your traffic and leads properly allows you to sell and market to them on their own terms when they are most likely to buy.

A Potential Scope of Work

  • Strategy Meeting 
  • Work Plan Development
  • List Draft-Up & Segmentation, Interest tags, Custom Fields
  • Lead Caption Creation / Optimization
  • System Setup Testing

Website Automations

  • Identify All Tasks and Processes
  • List of recommended and desired automation 
  • Determine the scope 
  • List of Recommend Software and Automations to Implement. 
  • Develop Custom Automation Solutions (Zapier)

Additional Deliverables Summary




  • Product interest follow up emails 
  • Product interest tagging 
  • First time Abandoned Cart hook
  • After Purchase follow-up
  • Engagement tagging 
  • And More
  • Refund Request 
  • Events - Tour Announcement workflow
  • Event - Drip Series and Follow-up 
  • Events - Members vs Non-Members Sales Flow
  • Subscription Series
  • And More
  • Upgrade Incentive and Outreach
  • "Need Help?" Message Triggered on Visit to Help Docs
  • Free Trial Email Automation Workflow
  • Expired Trial Email Automation Workflow
  • And More

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