Growing your cannabis or hemp/CBD brand customer base can seem daunting when you can’t run ads or even billboards in certain neighborhoods. Whether it be state-versus-federal laws, the layers of compliance the FDA bestows on natural health brands when outlining alternative health benefits, or navigating social media algorithms, there is a lot to consider when developing your brand in this space. Our team ramped up our capacity to support cannabis or hemp/CBD growth initiatives and are eager to help.

We Can Help

10 Ways Your Brand Can Dominate the Cannabis Industry.

Having trouble growing your cannabis brand? Try these ideas.

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Cultivate Relationships

Is your brand pre-launch, trying to grow its customer base, or in the position to deepen its connection with current customers to extract a greater lifetime value? We can help.

Our approach to marketing in this emerging industry prioritizes:

  1. Education-first content
  2. Timely and coordinated brand communication across all major marketing channels (social media, Google, email, referral programs, PR)
  3. Elimination of platform dependency

Our Services

  • Organic Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Google Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty Programs
  • SMS Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Website Design

We believe in, and demand, a cannabis industry that is equitable and
culturally diverse.


If you feel the same way, drop us a line.

One call to change the game.

Because the cannabis and CBD/hemp industries are so fresh, every brand has a unique opportunity to really own it’s niche. Speak with one of our strategists about ways to build a brilliant brand and loyal customer base.

During this 15-minute conversation we will:

  • Discuss your brand’s growth plans
  • Outline your target audience beyond the cannabis experience
  • Identify personalized ways in which we can help create more business for your brand