Big Green IT Boosts Consultations by 73% with “Evergreen” Content.

As a “cloud enabler” that helps businesses in several industries take their operations from conventional solid-state servers to the scalable and always-on Microsoft Azure Cloud, Big Green IT has a massive potential client base. The company wanted to find a better way to create an inbound funnel for prospective customers for their cloud services. The company needed evergreen content, marketing automation, and a strong SEO strategy to turn on that faucet. Since enacting the growth strategy, it has increased its consultation leads by 73% and recorded record-breaking quarterly profit.


It became immediately apparent that the growth strategy needed to provide real value to prospects who needed to overhaul their tech environment. Big Green IT needed to be trusted.


Content Strategy

Marketing Automation

Search Engine Optimization

Our team mapped out three customer journeys based on information we found from competitors and from Big Green IT‘s own practices. The goal was to provide value to intelligent consumers who were often the technical leaders at their small-to-medium sized enterprises. The result of our research and strategy manifested as a range of content and website strategy that included educational videos, evergreen webinars, blogs, landing pages, and CTAs. The qualification process for cloud services support is tricky, so we implemented a strategy and scoring system that helped reveal consumer intent and quality. Big Green IT reaped the benefits of an optimized system that qualifies leads through an consumer-led nurturing process.

Campaign Results

Thought leadership videos produced in two days


Increase in cloud services consultations across the company’s top three prospect targets


Increase in targeted website traffic via local and general search engine optimizations

I've done this many times, but you guys set it up so I actually felt comfortable in front of the camera.

Jeff Rogers, CEO