About BRDG

BRDG (“Bridge”) is a brand management and growth marketing firm. We help businesses acquire and retain customers using an inbound marketing approach that leverages search engines (like Google), social media (like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram), and website strategy. Let’s chat.

Kyle Henry

President, Strategic Lead

Kyle launched BRDG in 2015 to help consumer brands leverage organic social media growth. Since 2015, Kyle has worked to expand the firm’s service offerings, facilitate strategic partnerships, and bootstrap the overall development of the BRDG brand. As a brand and digital strategist with over nine years of experience creating and mobilizing customer bases using the Internet, Kyle’s resume includes implementing digital marketing strategies that have reached over 35 million people across four continents, increasing YOY sales by 320%, and facilitating distribution deals with multi-national retailers such as Costco and Best Buy.

Dominique Clark

Vice President of Operations, Marketing Automation Lead

A founding member of the agency and integral part of the company’s development and success to date, Dominique constructed and implemented several custom internal and external operational frameworks for the company, managed remote teams, and produced content and events for BRDG’s clients. He brings nine years of managerial and sales experience to the BRDG team and exists as the catalyst that ensures that the firm operates and scales at peak efficiency.

As of 2018, Dominique has served as the strategic lead of our Marketing Automation department.


Shameen Yakubu

Vice President of Organic Growth, SEO Specialist

Shameen Yakubu is an organic marketing strategy specialist. He brings a breadth of experience supporting SMBs and enterprise-level companies with local and global SEO strategy implementation. This skillset is particularly valuable to cannabis companies and other “gray market” industries that cannot leverage paid media to impact growth. Shameen has several years of experience supporting SaaS companies as well as partnering with marketing and sales departments of technology companies. Along with SEO, he brings a breadth of experience in outbound prospecting, email marketing, and new business development to our organization.

Why Work With BRDG?


We build systems that are great for business—which ultimately means it is great for your customers.


Certain messages and goals are better-fit for certain channels. Our firm designs timely communication.


Quality customer service exists before, during, and after the sale. Brand loyalty is our #1 priority.

BRDG has been a true pleasure to work with. The team pays close attention to detail, have a great vision for the future, and communicate effectively. Would 100% recommend.

NOON VR – Seoul, South Korea

Kyle and the BRDG team were able to creatively translate my needs into an effective marketing plan, astounded me. I look forward to working with BRDG for a long time to come.

Coldwell Banker – Las Vegas, Nevada

BRDG has been great for our company's growth. They are experts in modern marketing techniques who can effectively communicate and execute on the pathway to success. I will continue to recommend to many!

Burlington Station – Chicago, Illinois

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During this call we will:

  • Discuss your organization’s growth plans
  • Dive into the psyche of your customers
  • Identify personalized ways we can help